EP Review


I love how prolific Grace Petrie is. She seems to have a new song more or less every month, which she bundles up into regular EP and album releases. It’s really a pleasure to see such a work ethic. Even with the release of this EP she’s apologising on her blog and promising to have a full album in the Spring. Bless. She definitely needs more fans so she can slow down a bit *hint hint*.

Anyway, this EP has everything you’d expect from Grace. There’s the general theme of being an insecure musician, lesbian love affairs that didn’t work out, a gay pride solidarity song (this one’s about the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando this summer), a couple quibs at the Conservative Party government at Westminster, and a lot of great one-liners.

Favourite track: ‘I’ve Had Worse’
Favourite lyric:  “and it was tale as old as time/ beauty and the best laid plans of mine that I laid to rest/ yeah it happens all the time/ honey I’d suggest/ you just liked me better when you knew me less”

Listen to and buy for £7+ at gracepetrie.bandcamp.com/album/theres-no-such-thing-as-a-protest-singer

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