I’m not sure I want the equal opportunity to do what you do
Granted by whom? This attempt to subsume
These things that hold me apart, make me a threat
To the state of things.

The boundaries that once were, are falling, falling
Crumbling into the cracks in our stories
And we try to divide ourselves, but when we do
You see, you and me we’re…
Fighting the wrong battle?

Because, what is this an equal opportunity to do?
Arguing in the dirt about who is better than who
As our labour and youth are abused and used
Confused, we mistake each other for perpetrators
When we are all the victims of an oppressive system.

I think. This is several conversations at once.
It’s unclear how I feel about equal rights. To what? And why?
Who says we ever wanted mere access to the status quo
I thought the point was to change it.

Ultimately, I just want us to stop hurting each other
About petty shit like sex or skin colour
When there’s houses to build and food to grow
Things to know about how to make all our lives better.
Seems silly to strive for equality, without a level of unity
Of purpose. Some clarity about what we’re aiming for.


.Ana Hine

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