That’s The Nature Of The Underground

I scrawl a message on a bathroom stall wall
You don’t know it’s me, but you know it’s a girl like you
You write back and a month later I see it
I see you.

I mention your words in a zine I write with my friends
They agree that the message is worth repeating
I ask you to contact me if you’d like to say more
Elaborate with me.

At a zine fair in a different city you come up to the stall
Flick through the booklets, see a photo of your wall
And you see me, you see me, you see a girl like you
You give me a couple pounds and say nothing.
I don’t know it’s you.

A friend links me to a blog post review of my zine
Amongst the kind words about formatting and the poetry within my pages
You mention our bathroom conversation
I realise it’s you, see your face on your bio rising in my mind
Connecting with the shy girl seen from behind the fair table.
We are the same kind.

Next time I’m peeing in the bathroom stall
I write a thank you note to you for the nice review
I’m so grateful that you picked up a copy, glad you liked it
Please contact me and write something for it.
Read this.
I see you.
Girl like me.

(c) Ana Hine

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