The Personal Is Political

Applying politics to personal life is… challenging.
The look of hurt, confusion on their faces
When you call out the sexist joke.
How to teach without being preachy?
How to reach?

Don’t say sorry. Not for existing.
Not for speaking your mind when asked to do so.
We can’t stay silent anymore.
Not when there’s harassment and abuses to report
Perpetrators to take to court.
Change to make.

When this action we take
Speaking our truths. Not apologising.
Walking away from responsibilities
Placed on our shoulders without permission.
Sign that petition.
Let our voices be heard.

If we save up our hard earned money
And support other women.
Support ourselves. Set limits.
On where ours begins and pin money ends.
Investing in friends.
Saving for an independent day.

We pay for every microaggression.
Every objection choked down for fear of offending
The fragile egos of our oppressors.
Less of this. More standing up for ourselves.
No more saying sorry. No more staying for the sake of it.
We are saving, we are supporting each other.
Our personal is political.


.Ana Hine

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