Steven Peebles: Autumnal Reappearance

photo 1photo 2

Okay, so these were taken on my phone… which is why they’re so low quality.

These are of Steven Peebles’ solo exhibition at Tin Roof, entitled ‘Autumnal Reappearance’ which was one from October 16-26 last year.

What I particularly like about the work is Steven’s use of reclaimed material paired with the apparent structural integrity of the shed itself. Like, it looks like it would keep the rain off. There’s also a little bell on the roof that you can ring from inside. Little touches like that add an air of whimsy and kind of refer to some sort of medieval style toy castle aesthetic.

There were prints as well, but they were intimidating in their quality and I didn’t get any photos of them.

The guy doing the thumbs up is Steven himself. This solo show was in honour of his internship at Tin Roof, which is a position given to one graduate from DJCAD every year and comes with a free (or at least discounted) studio space.


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