Artificial Womb January Sale

So, I’m in the process of restocking and I’m running a January sale on my Artificial Womb Etsy Shop, to raise funds. The packs are £1 each (+ postage). Here’s the link –

I’ve got around 180 packs of two zines each to shift, ideally by the end of the month (though it may take longer than that). Essentially, all of last year’s zines are now half price – that’s 50p – until I clear enough of them to have empty boxes and drawer space. Then, hopefully, I’ll get some new stock in. I’d like to restock, so that’s: Same Heartbeats, Shape & Situate, Here in My Head, Team Girl Comics & Poor Lass.

I’d prefer to restock using funds from sales, rather than transferring money from my personal accounts. I’m trying to put together a Creative Scotland funding application too to cover this sort of thing, but it makes me anxious to even think about tackling the 12-page or so form.

Real talk though. How much would a re-stock actually cost? Well, based on how much the stock cost last time I’d say:

Same Heartbeats: £20
Shape & Situate: £40
Here in My Head: £18
Team Girl Comics:£24.70
Poor Lass: £37

So that’s a total of: £139.70

I’d love to make that much through Etsy in a fortnight. It’s unlikely though. The visits, favourites and sales are frequent, but small in number. I’m not sure how to do a bigger push than sharing through my usual channels and actually running the sale. Maybe I could do a countdown? There’s 180 packs in total, so could do a running “Only X number of packs left!”. But 180 is a fair bit, like, it feels a little false to try and sell that as scarcity. I still might try that though. I don’t know what works and what doesn’t after all.

I don’t know. It would be nice, if you’re reading this, if you scrolled back up to the top of the post and bought some half-price zines. Other than that I’m not sure what else to say. Thanks for reading.