Plans for October (business stuff)

So I had plans for October. These are:

– Update and Promote the Patreon (Aim = 15 Subscribers)
– Update and Promote the Facebook Page (Aim = 750 ‘likes’)
– Distribute the Zine on time to Stockists across Scotland (need to restock Spectrum & Forest Cafe in Edinburgh)
– Do More Street Selling (Aim = 3 times per week)
– Answer All Emails & Clear Junk Mail
– Keep Etsy Stock Updates and Orders Mailed Promptly (need to put #4 up)
– Start Designing Next Issue Early
– Look for November & December Events to Attend
– Apply for Small Business Grants
– Deposit Cash at Bank Regularly (my bookkeeping is… not quite there yet)
– Make more Bracelets
– Inform Contributors of their Inclusion & Pay Promptly

I don’t know why anyone else would want to read this, but it helps me to get this kind of stuff out of my head and I’ve lost my reporters notebook. Need to buy another *adds to list*.