Losing My Studio

So, the artist who runs The Women’s Unit – where I’ve had a studio for the last month – emailed me a couple days ago reminding me that my temporary use of the space was coming to an end.

I’m much more upset than I thought I would be. I’ve been driving to Glasgow and staying for a few days each time to ensure I get the most out of the space and it’s been really good for my art practice and my self-confidence. Losing it… hurts.

Since the space was free it’s not like I can just rent another one straight away, I’m going to have to wait and see if my application to Creative Scotland for the zine was successful first. But even if it was, there’s not a lot of studio spaces available. I guess this shows that I can make a space in another city work. I do still have my futon at my mum’s that I could set up in the next space…

I just feel so deflated. Setting up the tent I’ve been working on in the flat Alfie and I share will be really disruptive. I guess we could get the landlord to take away the coffee table… Move the sofa… Tidy up…

Urgh. All day I’ve just been wallowing in self-pity. Poor me, losing a free studio space. But this is a real step back. It was helping my Etsy, my craft stall selling and my art practice to have a studio space. Making feminist bracelets in the tent was a joy. And I was finally learning to use a sewing machine.

There was an intro to printmaking workshop at The Women’s Unit on Tuesday and I participated in it. It was really useful, though the vibe from the artist ‘in charge’ was really odd (I guess now I know why). I hope the Creative Scotland funding application is successful, because I want to sign up to the DCA print studio as soon as possible. Get my printmaking on.

I should really have gone into Fleet Collective today and worked my way through the Etsy and Patreon orders (all 10 or so of them!), but I just felt so low.

Alfie and I are going through to Out Of The Blue Drill Hall in Edinburgh tomorrow for the launch of #artcore print studio. They’re the people who now print the zine for us and they’re really nice. We’ve got a table at the print fair they’re having tomorrow as part of their launch and we should hopefully make around £30 (enough to justify the petrol and get lunch with some cash left over).

Blogging about this has lifted my mood somewhat. I’m still hurt, but I don’t feel as personally let down as I did earlier.