DJCAD Master’s Degree Show (A Few Pics)

While I went down to the DJCAD degree show primarily to see Sekai Machache and Nel Wilson’s work (, as they’ve both contributed to Artificial Womb zine, there were some other artists who stood out for me.

Catherine MacRobbie

‘Understanding Mature Cystic Teratoma’
Virtually everything from the MSc Medical Art students was incredible, but Catherine’s work was just so intricate, well displayed and fascinating in its subject matter it earned its place as my favourite exhibition in the whole of the degree show (after Sekai’s of course, BFFs 4 Eva).

Ovarian cysts are something some of my friends – people in their early twenties – have had nasty experiences with. So the sympathy that leaked out of Catherine’s work really moved me. I also wasn’t aware really how large ovaries are, so seeing 3D models of the pelvis and female reproductive system was really helpful for me. I wish her work had existed when I’d donated some of my eggs – it would have given me a lot more clarity about what was actually happening. Great work.


Allan Davies

I was in the same year as Allan Davis during our undergraduate studies at Duncan of Jordanstone. Already a professional painter, his work has just become more refined as time goes on. I find this one particularly powerful because I know the model and the piece really manages to capture her quirky, cool style despite her near-total nudity. Stunning work. I hope to see it again someday. Wonder who bought it…


Nicola Wiltshire

I really like Nicola’s work and think it would look very strong in the zine (because of the bright colours and thick lines, it should work well in black and white). I should chase her up and see if she’d be interested…