Masturbation Vid and Performance Art Thoughts

At the moment I (Ana) am the only person using this blog and editing this website – Alfie isn’t really the social media oversharing type – and I’m getting back into art alongside the zine, so I’m going to blog about that here too. I think that should be alright. Artificial Womb is about more than the zine after all, it’s about feminist art and activism in a wider sense.

Anyway, I’m thinking of restaging the Masturbation Vid from my degree show. That’s the film where I filmed myself masturbating from three different angles and displayed the films in a 3D art installation. It got into the Daily Mail ( and my local paper too ( I was quite pleased with it. It earned me my first class degree in contemporary art & philosophy, as well as a bit of a reputation.

But since then I’ve been journalisting rather than making art. And yet, as I’ve been promoting Artificial Womb over the past month or so I’ve been having artistic ideas again and tinkering with medias and just feeling my creativity returning.

Which got me thinking about performance art.

I’d like to do a restaging of the Masturbation Vid. I had this idea to have it playing in one room and then using temporary walls to steer the audience into a second room where I would be sitting naked on a bed with a ‘do not cross’ tape on the floor around me. I could then engage the audience members in dialogue about the work, performance art, feminism etc.

I would need a bed (or at least a mattress) to stage the performance, a few TVs to play the video on, three DVD players, some temporary walls, posters and hired security – but it wouldn’t be that… hard to put together.

I’m considering submitting some proposals for it. At the moment I’m just keeping one eye open for a potential space. It’s not the kind of thing you can just stage anywhere.

I’d appreciate your thoughts.