#IZM2015 Day Five: Organizing my zine distro

So instead of organising my zine collection I’m organising my zine distro stock. When I first started recovering and putting together the business plan I emailed a bunch of zinesters asking about stocking their zines. Their enthusiastic replies were really encouraging, but then the start-up money didn’t come through and I started to get worried we weren’t going to be able to afford to stock the distro fully. So I… didn’t reply to the messages.

I know how unprofessional that is and how hurtful it can be. So today I’m ripping the bandaid off and replying to all the messages. The start-up money was spent (like it was supposed to be) on the printer and the initial distribution road trip, so there’s not much left.

But I want to do right by other zinesters.

So here’s the zines and small press comics I want to stock soon:
– Team Girl Comics
– Doris
– Poor Lass
– Sugar Paper

– Here. In My Head
– Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell
– Lock Up Your Daughters
– Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur
– Speak
– Hoax

The ones in bold are the ones I ordered while writing this blog post.