IZM Day One – Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Zines

Why do I love zines? In no real particular order:

1) Being forced by cost to print in black & white means no clashing colours
2) They can be as radical as the person writing them
3) You can be creative with graphic design
4) It’s empowering to Do It Yourself
5) The personal tone of many zines makes me feel less alone
6) I like pretending to live in the 1990s
7) You have a more community-like connection with your readers
8) There’s usually only a limited number printed and each one mattered to the creator/s
9) Hearing the ‘thud’ as they arrive in the mail is a joy
10) They show that other people love print media as much as I do

I fell asleep last night thinking the first day’s ‘challenge’ was to list your top 10 zines. So I’m going to do that too. Later.