International Zine Month & Faith Cushnie

Last year when we were doing the trial run I came across a blog post about International Zine Month (read it yourself here – and was really inspired and excited. It’s an activity-a-day thing for July.


Unfortunately July 2014 was really rough for me, as that’s when I covered the story of Faith Cushnie – a nine month old baby who was dying from Leukemia. The story really sums up my time at the Evening Telegraph; it was a great story and I reported it well, but I didn’t have the skill or training to deal with the subsequent death knock. But I couldn’t deal with that kind of total grief right now. I am not a mother. What do you say? How can you stand there with your notebook and get the story amidst that kind of pain?

But there’s time for all that. After I have a child myself I hope I can do my job in those situations. For now I’m making a feminist arts zine and being my own boss. No pressure from above. Only the stories that I can write without going numb.

So International Zine Month. I plan to blog each day there’s something to blog about and get more integrated within the online zine making communities. Artificial Womb zine officially launches as a business on July 8, so we’ll be doing some sort of ‘thing’ (possibly on July 9) to mark its official return.

I can feel the life coming back into me. A few days ago a psychiatrist declared me “sane” and recommended I start phasing off my anti-depressants. I’ll be coming off Employment Support Allowance from July 8, so no more sick notes or mandatory GP appointments. Am I well? Have I recovered?

Only when I can interview the mother of a dead baby will I be truly healed. Until then I’m just faffing around.

Now lets make some zines!