Zines and Other Underground Publications (I would like to stock)

So, this is going to be a zine distro as well as a blog and a space to buy Artificial Womb. Since I’ve gone to the trouble of buying a domain name, transferring the domain to a new web-host and setting up the WooCommerce plugin it seems… logical to sell other zines alongside my own.

I’d want to stock zines that discuss feminism, personal stories, mental health, the environment & green politics, trans & queer issues, race & ethnicity, parenting… progressive and women friendly stuff basically. With Marching Stars zine distro winding down (http://marchingstars.co.uk/) I want to, in a way, informally take up the feminist zine distro mantle – or at least join in on the fun!

Some that I’d like to stock include:
– Tuck Your Cunt In
– Speak
– Lock Up Your Daughters
– Beast Grrl
– Brainscan
– Doris
– Here. In My Head
– Juggling The Rainbow
– Little Acorns
– Opinionated Nobody
– Team Girl Comic
– Shape & Situate
– That’s What She Said

If one of these is your zine please get in touch! Or if you have a zine that you think would fit in here too. Email me at ana@artificialwombzine.com with a PDF copy or a link to your website or twitter or facebook (something so I can get a sense of what your zine’s about) along with wholesale and retail prices and your preferred form of payment (PayPal, distro credit, or cheque).

This is all so exciting!