We reached our Kickstarter goal! Tomorrow’s ‘to do’ list.

After relentless social media plugging (and a little bit of paid advertising) we’ve reached our goal of £1500, which should come through once the campaign officially ends on May 16. This is an immense relief and means the business launch is, indeed, imminent.

Once the money does come through I’ll be able to head to Edinburgh and visit Staples and Ikea to pick up the printer, long-armed stapler, paper, ink, staples, portable table and chairs. That’s all the hardware we need at this stage.

Until then I’ve got to make sure we’ll be paying the correct amount of tax, while ensuring our housing benefit will continue to come through until we’re making enough to actually pay our rent ourselves (whenever that might be). I’ll also need a peddler’s license, an online selling license (I can’t remember what they’re called) & I need to change the address on my driver’s license. Oh, and claim my pension rebate. Fortunately, that side of things is theoretically finite.

There’s a couple things that will probably need to be paid for before the Kickstarter money comes in, to ensure we get things up and running as soon as possible. There’s new business cards to print and my InDesign subscription to renew (I really, really hope this laptop can still handle the software). I also want to set up a Patreon, but I’m not sure exactly how they work. It’s just been recommended to me. So I’ll have a look into it.

– A paid subscription based events listing for feminist activism & arts happenings
– Slutwalk Edinburgh
– An open mic poetry night & zine launch in our target cities (like a mini tour)
– Buying and re-selling feminist & queer books

There’s also the business plan to finalise, but it’s nearly finished. The cash flow itself is, I believe, done.

Distribution & advertising are… the next step. Need three independent businesses or charities to pay £30 each for a half-page (horizontal A6) black & white advert – not impossible.

Distribution… zine libraries, distros & current stockists… across the UK… feminist… yeah, it’s a little overwhelming at this precise second.

I’m going into business.