A new zine is conceived!

Artificial Womb is a new zine (short for magazine, because zines are smaller), which hopes to publish creative content with an artsy, feminist, queer and/or Scottish focus. And we’re looking for contributors.

Although it’s based in Dundee, Scotland contributions will be accepted from anywhere, however priority will be given to local creators. As it’s new it may take a while for a concrete identity to emerge, but if you want to know whether your work fits with the style and ethos of the zine just ask.

Our first deadline is April 12, with the intention of having a physical zine by April 14. Please send submissions of comics, articles, poems and images to  tasha.lee@artificialwombzine.com

Articles/poems 50-500 words
Comics 3-6 panels (negotiable)
Image resolution 300 pixels/inch minimum

We would like to pay contributors a little. So we’re planning to give copies of each issue (either the physical zine or the associated PDF) to contributors so that they can distribute and sell it as and where they like, keeping the proceeds they make. Of course, the zine doesn’t even exist yet so this is a tentative plan but one we hope to stick to. Cover price will be around 50p.

Drop me an email,


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